Dolly Parton isn’t the sort of artists I’d usually blog about.  However, one of country’s legends has gone it alone with her latest record rather than working through a record company. In part this has been because she had been dropped by her record label (as recorded here).  

If Dolly has been dropped by her label, you’d think that her record sales are pretty trivial, far from it this latest album has clocked up over 50,000 sales (details here) in the first couple of weeks of release and a top twenty sales ranking. 

This isn’t the first time such a decision has been made – just look at what happened to Wilco around the time of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album. This begs the questions how do record companies determine which artists to drop and are record labels so burdened with costs or inability that they deem a 50,000 sales as not being sufficiently profitable enough?