A story(here) that has been showing up on the web over the last couple of days is the surprising indication that the next Elvis Costello album to be released through Lost Highway wont be available on CD.  Given that I’ve yet to see a correction to this story, can only suggest that there is some truth in it, although the decision is certainly surprising.  I would have put Elvis Costello’s fanbase demographic (horrid music-business expression, but no other easy to express) in the area of those people who would still rather have something tangible in their hands and fall into the vinyl or CD generations.


It leaves me in a puzzling situation of how to get the album as someone who likes to have something tangible in my hands.  My local music shops have abandoned vinyl, and ordering vinyl over the ‘net has not been the best experience for me with a number of occasions of the sleeve being damaged and in one case they vinyl actually having been warped.