We managed to catch the Kaiser Chiefs on the small venue part of their European tour to promote the new Album Of With Their Heads.  Initial impressions of the new songs is that good ones are very good, the  others are only so-so, B side material, and leaves a me with the feeling that the album was rushed so that the pre-Christmas sales season could be exploited which is a shame.

I took some pictures at the gig with a new Samsung Soul mobile phone with what seemed to be a nice 5mb camera.  Although its ability to focus in the conditions of a concert appears to be disappointing. To help with that I started using the multi-frame mode and discovered that when you do that it reduces the image resolution notably without any warning. I think I need to experiment some more with poor light conditions but at the moment I’d would say that the lower resolution Sony Ericcson K800i coped better at gigs.


Photoset at filckr here.