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I’ve been reading Phill Jupitus’ Good Morning Nantwich, an autobiographical book about how he arrived to do the Breakfast show on BBC’s 6 Music, with a look at how Breakfast Radio arrived in the common form it is today, and listener behaviours.  If you love music, or radio then you’ll enjoy this book.  Given Phill’s standup comedian roots there is plenty of humour in here as well, it has had me laughing out load.


There are some great quotes as well,  one of my favourites so far is (with reference to DJs):

The more of the record that is playing that they talk over, the bigger a tool they are

Each chapter of the book is completed with a playlist,  I hope Phill and the publishers dont mind, but I thought I’d share some of these with you.


Chapter 1 : Workers’ Playtime:

  • Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend – John Cale
  • Theme from The Godfather/Al Capone – Jazz America
  • Get A Job – The Chordettes
  • Start – The Jam
  • Good Morning – The Beatles
  • Hitsville UK – The Clash
  • Rez – Underworld
  • Train Song – Holly Cole
  • What Do I Do Now? – Elvis Costello
  • A13, Rrunk Road To The Sea – Billy Bragg



Keep checking back as I’ll post more of the lists 🙂