I was given a copy of “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” for Christmas – the complete list can be seen at http://www.rocklistmusic.co.uk/steveparker/1001albums.htm. although the last 5-10 years as seen the rise of the New Year/End of Year lists I have to admit to being a bit of a geek to this sort of things, and pleased to stay that I stack up well on the 1001 albums. But my family might not be so happy as the i look to go after those gaps in the collection.

Aside from the music geek factor, the book itself is rather good, with a brief description of the album and its significance. I only discard with a couple of entries in the list – such as Culture Club (puuuleeease, that is just terrible). I’m sure Mrs Monster can relate to Phill Jupitus’ wife got the news that he was going to work for 6 music brilliant – steady income, but also the realisation that its the perfect excuse to buy lots more music.

A worthwhile addition for the music obsessive.