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We’ve just heard that Packt Publishing have reached 2000 titles now.  To celebrate they’re running a promotion until  26th March 2014 with a buy one get one free. The offer is unlimited within the period and the discount will appear when you checkout.  For more go to  Packt here.


This news got me thinking I’ve contributed to the book authoring process for 5 books now – which means I’ve contributed to 0.25% of the Packt books.  Reviewing a book takes on average 4 hours per chapter and most Packt books comes with 10-12 chapters. If it takes 4 times longer to write a chapter (16 hours) that’s 160 hours per book and 32,000 hours of authoring effort in the Packt library, which equates to over 3 1/2 years of non stop writing.