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So having been fortunate enough to attend part of Oracle Open World I provided some support to the UKOUG Fusion Middleware SIG chairman with a short briefing on some of the key points from OOW.

The following are my initial notes, if you want the complete deck, it should be available through the UKOUG website.

– key note from Larry was all cloud, cloud cloud
– more SaaS than anyone else – announced dozens of services is the last year – probably hundreds across all the sectors
– build and buy
– platform upgrade
– data as a service – BlueKai acquisition Data Management Platform
– Some of these offerings included capabilities that sounded like enterprise offered Dropbox – so might soon see personal cloud?
– data migration of data or app up and down from cloud push of a button (reality bit more complex)
– innovation for securing the cloud at lowest levels
– going after b2c and b2b capabilities

Middleware Cloud
– SOA Suite as a hosted solution or integration cloud which more like web UI for OSB integration.
– ethos change for integration cloud no deployment – develop and promote to production
– Override able Automated mappings when going between own cloud services or Oracle adaptors to 3rd party. Can built own mappings and incorporate own functionality
– Configuration controls policy driven such as error handling etc
– Can bring integrations back to on premise
– breadth & agility / ease (pace layering started to get mentioned a lot more)
– Use cases such as linkage to mobile – 7-11 use case
– More cloud adaptors coming to support 3rd party
– API inventory and discovery capabilities coming – successor to OES
– Support for JSON and REST alway through SOA rather than transformational capability only

Mobile Application Framework
– seems to have crept up quietly, successor to ADF mobile in the form of MAF Faces
– by delivering hybrid strategy like Phone Gap but enables Java in a container on Andriod & iOS
– MAF actually incorporates Apache Cordova – the open source version of PhoneGap
– with it is a new UI presentation style with all the support style guidance – ALTA
– Java on iOS but Jobs said …. done by compiling to native solution

A couple of presentation grabs ….