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So we’re back home from a week in San Francisco and the city dominating Oracle Open World conference and almost straightened up after the jet lag (don’t remember ever suffering from it this much).

A very interesting, very busy week that was absolutely shattering (it didn’t help our Hotel was in the middle if the city, but not very sound insulated or air conditioned – so if you don’t sleep well not the best).

I’ll piece together a presentation deck, but briefly, what we picked up/did:

  • Oracle is a cloud company now – with the word cloud presented so many times in a week that the early morning mist (or is that thin cloud) on a couple of days in SF I wasn’t sure if I was hallucinating it or whether it was genuine – it had disappeared by the time I was seeing presentations with the word cloud.
  • Oracle is getting hip with adoption of Docker and Open Stack.
  • Weblogic 12.2 announcements just before OOW somewhat swallowed up in all the other messages but I think this release will have some longer term subtle impacts, just like multi Tenancy database announcements lead  the subsequent cloud transition.
  • Oracle cloud isn’t all sales story – early adopters such as GE talked about their experiences
  • For those of you who want the benefit of cloud on premise – the hyperconvergence of Oracle hardware to SaaS solutions can be deployed on premise – or just the apps.
  • Conversations with Oracle Press and Bob Rhubart of OTN fame.
  • A day with the SOA product leadership – as part of the Customer Advisory Board. Can’t say what is happening but let’s say its all exciting.
  • Various meetings & receptions with Oracle UK and our strategic SIs, plus of course the obligatory Oracle Appreciation event
  • Investment in hardware to provide better security to protect against attacks like Heartbleed & Venom and some fancy new memory coming from Intel.

Checkout blogs such as this one and I’m sure a lot of other material will start coming through.

OOW 15 - Appreciation Event 2015