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We’ve just passed the submission deadline for the next edition of Oracle Scene. So the submitted articles have been shared with the review team. I have to admit, I look forward the week after the deadline, a chance to read the raw articles before all the art work is applied, layout applied etc.

Each article teaches you something new and you’re reminded just how big the Oracle ecosystem is (something that is easy to forget when you’re working day to day in your own specialism).

The review process does throw up the odd bump – the occasional article that reads more like an Infomercial (which usually result in a recommendation not to include) and occasionally the article where you’re not entirely sure what the author is trying to get across. But these later scenarios, the reviewers will make suggestions on how to refine a submission.

The sense of joy and reward in reviewing is easily beaten by submitting an article and seeing it published and feeling the published article in printed form.  Don’t just take my word for it – Martin Widlake writes about it on his blog here.

Ios58cover‘ve had 1 proper article in Oracle Scene here and a couple of smaller pieces such as book reviews included.  The reward of being published can only be topped by your article being used to inform the cover art.  I have been fortunate enough to have achieved that with an article for the Oracle Apps User Group (OAUG) with an article called Journey To The Cloud.  2015winterinsight-optThe only down side is OAUG are more restrictive on access, and you have to be a member to see the article.


So go on, write an article – I hope that i’ll be reviewing it in the near future.