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ics-dev-testSo the A-Team (not the TV show which managed to have lots of things blow up and no one ever get hurt) but the technology gurus at Oracle have started to write blog posts about Integration Cloud Service (ICS).  This is will be a reflection of the increasing uptake of the cloud service.  A fellow Oracle Ace Associate (Robert van Mölken – blog here) and I should about to get a book on the subject underway.

As an aside to this, as part of creating a case to the publishers of the potential value of a book on the subject, I picked up a number of market assessments which are pretty interesting:

  • “​By 2016, at least 35% of all large and midsized organizations worldwide will be using one or more iPaaS offerings in some form” (Gartner RAS Core Research Note G00210747 – March 11)
  • 2013 Gartner say iPaaS is going to really take off (G00258046)
  • Last summer Gartner forecast by 2018 that iPaaS will be the 2nd largest PaaS offering (G00277176)
  • By 2018, in most organizations, at least 50% of new integration flows will be implemented by citizen integrators – January 2016
  • Various tweets from Gertner researchers have indicated Oracle’s entry into this form of iPaaS is going to be a market disruptor.

All that before you look at what other analysts are saying such as Forrester, Ovum and others.