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Whilst working on our book about Oracle’s Integration Cloud Service I looked around to see what options are available for FTP based services, below is a list of the services, we can’t testify to the quality etc of the service but might be easier than a Google search and ploughing through the results as FTP does occur a lot even in services that don’t support the standard.

What was interesting was none of the major document collaboration platforms offer an FTP based view onto their platform, but rather push an API. Whilst it is clear that FTP wouldn’t provide all the richness of the capabilities of Dropbox, Box, One Drive etc it is as a standard so universally supported that it would mean you could have the most common use models supported from just about anywhere without needing to install a proprietary app or writing code against an API. It would be interesting to see how how such capabilities could impact areas such as IoT.

Fortunately ICS includes social adapters that allows it to connect to these social platforms. But, we still need an easy FTP server to help show how to use FTP (it is still used heavily win closed ecosystems), so here is the list: