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Now the big news, we have just agreed with Packt Publishing to write a book around Oracle’s new API Platform Cloud Service (APIP CS). This is going to be more of a team effort with 4 of us working on the book. With all the authors working for Capgemini as well it should be a lot easier in terms of effort The book is being targeted for late this year to be published so that we can cover the major features being released this summer which will make the product a lot more rounded and complete.
The book will also bring in another initiative that has been running in a fairly low profile manner, but starting to shape up in the form of something called OMESA (OMESA.io). This initiative is a cross party approach to define a reusable reference architecture that engages both the legacy landscape along with API driven / microservices based contemporary solution delivery.

We will of course continue to blog about ICS at https://oracle-integration.cloud