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#OracleDevMeetup in London - GraphQL

Last night we ran the latest of the Oracle Developer Meetups in London. This time Luis Weir presented on GraphQL, which got an very engaged discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of GraphQL, in-depth points about how the error paths should be handled among many other things.

The presentation material Luis used is based upon his Devoxx session earlier this year and can be seen here:

The links to Luis’ examples can be found on his GitHub account – https://github.com/luisw19/graphql-samples

After a insightful and thought provoking presentation on GraphQL the Drones with APIs project had its latest update.  Providing a lot of laughter to the evening’s proceedings. Including demonstration of flying the drone using REST APIs published via a gateway and Go back-end.  This included the DroneDash presenting a visual presentation of the commands being issues via REST, as seen here:

All the code, API definitions and documentation for people to add or extend can be found in the meetup’s GITHub – https://github.com/oracledeveloperslondon/.

A few of the useful links used or mentioned last night are:


The next meetup is planned for Monday November 19th.  Topics  will be published soon.


#OracleDevMeetup in London - GraphQL