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Things have been very hectic, so much so we’ve not really had much time to write a blog. Most of which has been related to my Fluentd book, so what has been happening (and keep an eye on my Twitter account for a promo code 🙂 ) …

  • Several virtual conferences (Open Source Summit, SPOUG and Oracle APAC Groundbreakers to name just a few)
  • Perhaps the biggest bit has been the book:
    • First 4 chapters went through a rigorous peer review, as a result a number of improvements have been made,
    • with Chapter 5 having been reviewed by our technical editor, and little bit of refinement applied it should be reaching MEAP very very soon along with updated appendices,
    • Chapter 6 has been reviewed by our development editor, so some revisions to apply and then onto the technical editor,
    • Chapter 7 writing in progress, with about 1/3rd complete including examples of applying scaling configuration that can be run on a desktop

So what is to follow:

  • We’re on Manning’s Twitch channel to do a session, which will cover Fluentd, some examples, the book and what it will cover,
  • Once Chapter 7 is done, then we go through a comprehensive review with external input. Depending on the feedback from this, we make another sweep through the existing chapters to make further improvements,
  • Chapter 8 I suspect will be the hardest to write, as we actually get into creating our own Plugin. So I it maybe a little while before this gets completed. The subsequent chapters will come more easily as we’ve got them part written in a rough draft already,
  • We have another round of external peer reviewing to come which will cover everything, so I’m sure we’ll be doing some refinements
  • A podcast recording is scheduled in December.

Talking of Manning on Twitch, this looks like a bit of a hidden Gem – worth looking at not only because of the live stream, but all the previous recordings with other Manning authors are available to watch.

If that isn’t enough with a day job, we have had some major work done on our house. Now we’re moved back in, there are lots of DIY jobs to do, get all the furniture back from storage. Every room apart from the kitchen needs to be painted. But that is my sob story.

I’m hoping to find time to experiment with Oracle’s new cloud native Log Management as this is built on Fluentd foundations and a little bit with API tech – but this is likely to be the Christmas break.