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Before joining Oracle I used to typically refer to a couple of key resources from Oracle – docs.oracle.com, and occasionally developer.oracle.com and ateam-oracle.com. We’d obviously use cloud.oracle.com and the main oracle.com to be able to reference published stats, success references etc. Now I’m part of the company and working in the OCI product team with an outbound side of things, I needed to gem up on all the assets that exist. So that we can help contribute, and ensure that they are up to date etc. In doing so, the number of resources available is so much more than I’d realized.

Upon reflection, this may have been from the fact we didn’t drill down deeply enough, also in part that Capgemini has its own approaches and strategies as well.

This in part is linked to the organizational structures e.g. OCI Product Management’s outbound work overlaps with the Marketing Developer Relations, for example, something that is inevitable in an organization that provides such a diverse portfolio of products.

For my own benefit, and for others to exploit, the following table summarises the different areas of information. The nature of the content and – where content overlaps or is presented in different ways.

We’ve moved this content so it can be easily revised to here (and accessible from the site menu). But also available here …

Domain AddressDescription
oracle.comThis is the commercial side of the Oracle content. But includes a landing page for a lot of Oracle knowledge/documentation.
docs.oracle.comThe home of the core Oracle documentation for all products.
blogs.oracle.comOracle blogs primarily from Oracle staff covering different parts of the organization, covering employment diversity through to each of the major product families, domain verticals such as Retail, Hospitality. The blogs are broken into groups, so it’s worth bookmarking the product groups of interest, for example, Infrastructure.
In addition to the product spaces, there are blogs that come from teams such as the A-Team – Infrastructure, Java Magazine,
A-TeamThe members of this team are the ‘gurus’ of product application. These cover a range of domains – structured in a similar way to blogs.oracle.com with different posts. These posts represent patterns and solutions to problems encountered by the team. How to, or not to implement things.
This can overlap with some blogs in so far as both product blogs and A-Team blogs may address how to leverage product features.
developer.oracle.comDeveloper relations lead, which covers not only Oracle products but also the application of open source. By its very name, there is a strong emphasis on coding (rather than low-code) covering not just Java, but .Net languages such as C#, Node, JavaScript, and so on.
There is some content overlap here with the Architectural Center, where Architecture Centre provides reference solutions.
(AKA Architecture Center)
This is the Architecture Center which provides reference solutions. But these aren’t exclusive to the SaaS products (which would be easy to interpret). A lot of examples cover deploying and running open-source solutions on IaaS, for example, Drupal, WordPress, and Magento to name just a couple. A lot of these are backed up with scripts, Terraform, and code to achieve the deployment and configuration.
In addition to this, there are use cases of what customers have deployed into production (known as built and deployed).
docs.oracle.com/learn/This contains a lot of free tutorials and labs that can be taken a run to implement different things, from deploying a Python with Flask solution on Kubernetes to Creating USB Installation Media for Oracle Linux with Fedora Media Writer. As you can see from these examples, the tutorials cover both Oracle products and open source.
These resources interlink with the Architecture Centre and can overlap with developer.oracle.com.
github.com/oracle-devrelThis contains the code artifacts developed by Developer Relations and the Architecture Center team. So covers Reference Architectures, tutorials, and Live Labs all freely available to use.
github.com/oracle-samplesThis repository contains example solutions and Terraform logic developed by groups such as the A-Team.
opensource.oracle.comThis provides a catalog of links to the various open-source repositories available. This includes oracle-sample and devrel but also the many other projects including, but not limited to Helidon, Fn, Verrrazano, GraalVM, Apiary
community.oracle.com/hubThis is where a lot of the Q&A for Oracle Partners and users takes place. Community participation is gamified to encourage participation.
academy.oracle.comThis is really for the educational community (Universities, Colleges & Schools) and provides resources to take you from zero to certified skills for Java and Oracle Database.
education.oracle.comPrimarily for the formal Oracle certification resources, but there are some free training resources here as well.
apex.oracle.comAPEX has its own area of dedicated resources. This includes solutions, templates, and other development resources, and community.
github.com/oracleThis is the home for the majority of all Oracle free code, including the Open source projects such as Helidon, JET, Kubernetes Operators, and so on.
Helidon, Fn, and other source projectsA number of Oracle open source projects have their own independent web resources as well. Helidon includes additional technical resources.
The ones we know more about are :
Helidon, Fn, Verrrazano, GraalVM, Apiary
Bit it includes references to Java core language etc.
www.youtube.com/oracleYouTube training videos. With multiple channels based on different technologies.
Java (OpenJDK and Oracle JDK)Oracle propel not just their main JDK /JRE which has license constraints, but also Open JDK. With this comes a dedicated Developer zone as dev.java.
PaaS CommunityManaged by Jurgen Kress (Prod Mgr for Oracle PaaS). It acts as an aggregator for contributions from the community and shares news about what is happening within Oracle to support customers and partners in the PaaS space.
Developer CommunityPartner site to the PaaS Community with a focus on more development activities around Weblogic, Helidon, etc.
LunaTutorials etc relating to the use of Linux and related Cloud Native things such as Verrazano, OCNE (Kubernetes) etc.
Oracle PodcastsPerhaps not access usable as documentation, how-to, etc. but Podcasts can yield a lot of broad picture insights. Oracle has a range of podcasts covering a diverse range of subjects. Not all podcasts are active at any one time. But the site provides a catalog and episode list.