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My blogging activities have expanded a little bit further. Oracle staff (particularly those involved with Product Management) and the Ace community have been contributing to a Medium publication called Oracle Devs (go here). The content here is 1st rate, technically comprehensive, and from some exceptional technical people. So I’d recommend tracking it if you aren’t already and I feel very honored to have several posts already included, which can be found at:

Railroad diagrams for OCI Policies

Node (npm) package licensing

Those that follow me here, not o worry, this is the center of the universe for my blogging activity, and I will tie back anything that is unique to Medium o posts here.

In addition to that, I do also have a profile on the official Oracle Blog (here), and a range of posts have also been picked up via the PaaSCommuniy which haven’t been directly linked to my Oracle blog profile but can be found with this link