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So having written a series of detailed blog entries reviewing a couple of chapters at at time I thought it might be worth just providing a very brief review. Writing a book that provides both breadth of coverage for a very large subject area as well as meaningful depth is a very difficult trick to pull off. But the authors of this book have succeeded magnificently. The book tackles the subject of basic customization that users can perform through to in-depth feature development using the Oracle SOA stack. Not to mention reporting and analytics. The book has been written in an engaging way providing context, background and Fusion Application principles and then taking examples of how to implement the different kinds of capabilities. From this book, you should have a good grasp of what to expect and how to approach Fusion application Extension work.

As a result I’d recommend this book to Architects, Project Manager’s who want to understand what their development team should be doing and the risks of their approach. This would also form a good roadmap into the detail for developers starting out in the Fusion applications space.


Detailed reviews can be seen at: