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Over the coming months I’m planning on running a series of blogs on getting setup and using Oracle’s Java Cloud and the upcoming Oracle Node.JS Cloud when we can get access to it.

In both cases we’re aiming to demo the capabilities, setup eyc around the classic Hello World – but with a bit of a twist. Rather than simply sending to the console we’re going to use a mobile push notification – without resorting to having to build a mobile app.

By taking this approach to hello world aside from keeping it simple we can see how to bring 3rd party APIs into the mix.  The first couple of posts wont need to much on the Oracle front – as we’ll walk through getting things setup and running a proof without the cloud stuff. As they say keep it simple stupid.

So that you can see the blog entries for each of this two stories, I specifically setup in my blog two entry categories:

A few posts will obviously be common to both.