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The book reviewing opportunities are coming thick & fast. In addition to currently providing review feedback on a forthcoming book on Apache Camel to be published by Packt (previous blog entry),  I’ve been fortunate to get the opportunity to review another book in development as part of the Thomas Erl Technical Series, this time on Cloud Design Patterns.  From what I’ve seen before, the books is unsurprisingly going to have a similar style to the other patterns books in the series.  It is also living upto the same high standard of insight.  You can see some information from the website that will be supporting the book at http://www.cloudpatterns.org/ and the from the publisher at http://servicetechbooks.com/cloudpatterns.

In looking at some background to one of the patterns, it was also interesting to note that despite Oracle now having focused a lot of its massive resources at cloud offerings, has no apparent involvement with the Cloud Security Alliance, even though most of the other businesses that Oracle could consider to be potential competitors or are premier partners are associated with it (CSA Corporate Membership).