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On Friday I attended Estafet‘s UK leading 1st open session on Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS). A great session run by Phil McLoughlin from Estafet.It was good to hear people’s perspectives on the capability and value proposition.  The session included an update from the Director of Product Management James Allerton-Austin.  So aside from ICS having gone live, we can expect several more of the middleware services previously mentioned launched in the second half on 2015, including:

  • SOA Suite (possibly OSB as a discrete service)
  • Business App Developer
  • Node JS

The messaging around far faster cloud release cycles was reaffirmed again with cycles in 6-12 week time frame. For example support for REST based web services will be in the next update – so no more than a month or two from now.

In addition to this I’ve heard that if you want to have ODI in the cloud it is certified to run on the Java Cloud Service – this is no surprise given that until the full SOA cloud is available you can deploy SOA into JCS. The question is will there be a ODI cloud offering.