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A while back I posted about using the use of Node.js cloud service Oracle had marked as coming soon (Blog post here). Well we have checked back to see if the free trial is openly available and it still appears not yet to be the case.  But more than that, Oracle have reorganised the capability here to form what they are now calling Application Container Cloud (ACC). The application container cloud provides a number of options for running Node.js or a pure play J2SE solution. 
The good news is that there is a lot more detail of what the options are with this cloud which includes just Node.js – the details can be seen here. So node 0.10 and 0.12 are supported and JDKs 7 & 8 are supported. With the JDK you also get the use of cruise control. The metering periods go down to the hour as well which is great for PoC activities. The level of detail provided, suggests that these cloud solutions are currently available to partners and paying customers (the JDK service is certainly the case based on discussions I have had with my account manager). So hopefully as Oracle rollout their cloud offerings into data centres and capacity grows we should see public trial access.

Exclamation Mark Note: ACC has now been superseded by Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE)