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So I’m probably up bending the spirit of the ODC Appreciation Day, as the focus should be on tech. But this year I’d like to flag the podcasts put together by Bob Rhubart. These are as at-least diverse in subject as the Oracle technology portfolio. One month the podcast will be about API and the next AI, from Women in Technology to NoOps. Even if the subject is not an area that may be of interest to you technically, the podcasts are still worth a listen you’ll encounter at least one nugget of interesting information.

I have been fortunate enough to participate in the recording of a couple of podcasts. That combined with having in a previous role been involved in recording and editing audio and video together means I can appreciate the effort that goes into producing the podcast. From gathering a group of different people together, often from around the world into a call isn’t always easy. Then editing the conversation to smooth out the introductions, pauses that can occur as all those non-verbal cues are lost, shed any background noise to give a cohesive podcast takes time and practise.

Bob and Javed might make it look easy when recording Periscope videos at Open World and other events, but that comes from being able to control the environment – something you can’t do when participants are so far apart.