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The API Platform when you configure IDCS to provide the option to authenticate users against a corporate Identity Provider such as Active Directory will automatically update the Management Portal Login screen accordingly. However today it doesn’t automatically update the Developer Portal login page.  Whilst perhaps an oversight, it is very easy to fix manually when you know how. As result you can have a login that looks like:

The rest of this blog will show what’s needed to fix the problem.

The behaviour of the API Platform’s login pages for the Management and Developer Portals are controlled from the Oracle Cloud Management tier (rather than the API one specifically). Therefore you’ll need to login to your Identity Cloud instance and navigate to the management console and open the side bar.

With that we need to open up the details about the applications. When you select the applications menu you’ll get something like this:

We’ve masked out the names of our specific instances of the API Platform. But by clicking on the right application you’ll be shown a multi-tab configuration page for the API Platform.  We specifically need to modify the Web Tier tab settings:

Scrolling down the page you’ll get to see a list of resources, like this:

You’ll note that the policies contain the paths from the API Platform base domain that form the primary access points – i.e. apiplatform and developers.  We need to modify the developers entry, to look just like the apiplatform one. This is what you’ll see for API platform when you use the right hand menu and select the Edit option…

Note that the authentication is set to OAuth. Close without changing and edit the developers option, and it will show one of the HTTP options in the central dropdown menu. So all that needs to be done is to change the drop down and then save the change both in the popup dialogue, and at the top of the main Web Tier page.

The change needs a little time to ripple through as content does get cached.  So give it a few minutes and revisit the login page and you should see the rectified login option.