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The book has had a title change as Manning found that links the book was clashing with other solutions using the term ‘Unified Logging’. With the name change it helps bring the book inline with the Manning naming with their In action series. This means the book website is now https://www.manning.com/books/logging-in-action.

With the name change we’ve agreed that there should an additional chapter added. As I’d written the book with a view that everything we cover applies to both modern solutions such as Microservices coming from the CNCF camp but equally relevant to more traditional IT landscapes. Within the book we have explianed how things are positioned and can be used in Kubernetes, but it was agreed with our editorial team that not tackling the configuration of Fluentd with Kubernetes and Docker was to an extent ignoring a key community that will be using Fluentd. So the new chapter will be introduced to address this aspect.

In terms of progress we’re into the 1’s – 1 Chapter to start (the new one), 1 Chapter back from the Technical Editor (Logging Best Practises) – some edits to be done, 1 Chapter now with the editor (How To Create Custom Plugins), 1 Chapter being finished (Logging Frameworks) and finally 1 peer review cycle to go.

Given the lovely review comments that have been quoted on the book’s page. I can only recommend if you have an interest in logging and monitoring then check it out through Manning Early Access Programme (MEAP).