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Those I interact with more regularly will know I have this last week started a new job. You could say I’ve followed a common path for Ace Directors that don’t have instrumental roles within a company and joined Oracle. But some things won’t change; my new role as Cloud Developer Evangelist means I will still be producing blog content. My writing will appear on Oracle’s websites through the Blog, Community, Developer, and Architecture parts of the site, plus potential contributing to other high profile sites. But We’ll continue to add posts here, including referencing contributions in other locations.

I will continue submitting papers/presentations to conferences and presenting. Hopefully, we’ll start to get out and see people whilst presenting as well.

This does mean a change to my Ace Director status, as I will become an Alumni of the community, and we’ll be updating logos etc. But I have developed many friendships and contacts within the ace community. Not to mention, I believe and value what the Ace Community does, so while I may not be officially part of the community anymore, I will endeavour to support my friends and the wider community.

Leaving Capgemini has been uncomfortable, as I have left behind many great people that I’ve enjoyed working with (although some of those have also preceded me into Oracle). But to do more of what I have learnt over the years as the most rewarding (talking and writing about applying technology to solve problems, sharing insights and knowledge), particularly as part of the Ace community, meant a need for a new challenge.

To those who have contributed and influenced my journey – as ever my thanks.