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Oracle’s product portfolio is significant, from databases (obviously) to GraalVM to a cloud platform capable of competing with GCP, AWS, and Azure. This means locating the Oracle-provided plugins, or community ones can get messy. Depending on your perspective Oracle Developer Plugins could relate to Java and GraalVM or Oracle Database.

As broad as the portfolio, is the Oracle details regarding the plugins. So the following two tables represent what we’ve identified as Oracle-provided tooling, and the second table of plugins we’ve used when working on Oracle-based solutions from the community.

Name / Plugin SearchDescription / Additional DetailsRelated resource links
search:Oracle Labs
This will return all the Oracle plugins related to GraalVM
There are several different extensions covering GrallVM
GraalVM Tools for Java
GraalVM Extension Pack for Java (the name here is a little miss leading as there is support for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R)
GraalVM Tools for Micronaut
The extension packs also helps bring of SOA journey,
Oracle Developer Tools
(PL/SQL & Oracle Database)
Provider is Oracle Corporation
This extension enables editing and execution of SQL and PL/SQL for Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Databasehttps://www.oracle.com/

Oracle JET corelibrary of UI elements that form part of a web UI.Udemy training
Oracle NetSuiteSuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code is part of the SuiteCloud Software Development Kit (SuiteCloud SDK), a set of tools to customize your NetSuite accounts.Netsuite dev blog
Oracle Provided Plugins

Name / Plugin SearchDescription / Additional DetailsRelated resource links
OCI Policy LanguageThis extension is a language highlighter for OCI Policies.
CPQ DevKitCPQKit™ is a website built to augment Oracle CPQ Cloud system’s functionalityhttps://www.cpqkit.com/
ApexIntelliSenseIntellisense for APEX
YAMLProvides comprehensive YAML Language support to Visual Studio Code, via the yaml-language-server, with built-in Kubernetes syntax support.
KubernetesThe extension for developers building applications to run in Kubernetes clusters
Language Support for JavaSupports Java 11 onwards
GitHub ActionsGithub actions is a means by which actions like commits to github trigger external infrastructure to perform actions such as creating application binaries.
Regexp Explainhelp to evaluate and develop regular expressions