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Those who know me will be aware that I try to support the UK Oracle User Group’s journal (#PTK) in a number of ways from submitting articles through to being part of the review panel.  I’ve mentioned in the past some of the changes that the journal has undergone (here for example).  But another change is that the editorial team are including more diverse content. For example in the latest issue just out. It includes an article about Millennials in the workforce and how things are changing. A theme that is confronting not only businesses as employers, but as the new generation of influencers and decision-makers and that will be making our enterprise buying decisions, and dare I say it,  members of a user group.

As part of the team who also informs the User Group’s event planning, I happened to throw in some thoughts about supporting and engaging the newer generation. That led to an invitation to participate in an interview which has contributed an interesting article on millennials in the workforce.

Putting the company man hat on for a moment, it was good to highlight the efforts that Capgemini make to support new talent into the organisation.

The article is here, and links to the Tech and App parts of #PTK journal are here.