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Whilst the weather may have put some off venturing out, not for our intrepid duo of presenters – Joost Volker (Oracle PM for a Blockchain) and Robert van Mölken Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and author of Blockchain Across a Oracle who both had to negotiate protesting farmers, traffic jams, flight delays (wrong kind of rain to land in London) and London’s rush hour traffic.

So, what was covered in the meet-up…

Joost did a tremendous job of arriving at the Oracle office and going straight into presenting. The reward for coming, a relaxed very informative overview of Blockchain. Looking at use cases the fit the technology well, an approach for developing the Blockchain solution scope and roadmap. Then into the technology of Blockchain itself, with the different flavours and a dive into which foundation Blockchain Oracle builds upon, what Oracle has built around the core HyperLedger platform to make it easier to work with, scale, integrate with and so on. As with all of our meetups, we do let the conversation take us and with an engaged audience the conversation and questions where wide-ranging from the cost-benefit of Blockchain to how bad actors could be evicted from a network. From the implications of data reconciliation and assurance to data access security.

Building on that Robert took us on a shortened tour of building an Oracle blockchain solution using a simplified version of the use case in his book that brilliantly illustrates the ideas and values of Smart Contracts with Blockchain. Starting with the roles and responsibilities of a Blockchain founder, to how the contract is defined, deployed and executed. The different ways you can interact with Blockchain – SDK, REST API and so on.


Robert and Joost have made their material available, along with a few other resources that may help …