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We haven’t blogged too much recently as we have been busy helping get and producing content for my employer Oracle, working with Software Engineering Daily, and developing a collaborative book. So, I thought I’d pull together some links to these new resources.

  • SE Daily article – about moving thinking forward with how we approach the handling of logging (all my contributions to SE Daily).
  • We’ve produced several technology demo utilities showing how OCI services can be used. These have two or three parts. Some of these examples will work for our LogSimulator or LogGenerator, which perhaps should now be called an event generator these days. The generator code has also been packaged into Oracle’s DevRel GitHub repository and includes consumer logic. The last element is then associated with content in the Oracle Architecture Center.
  • We have also produced some additional architecture center content to help determine the best way to implement asynchronous communication using Oracle tech. This uses the idea of a decision matrix or stress test that I’ve written about in the past.
  • With the launch of OCI Queue, we’ve got articles differentiating the different approaches to inter-process communication. This is very a more principles piece for those who aren’t developers and architects in the distributed app space.
  • With one of the Queue engineering team, we’ve pieced together a couple of demo videos that can be seen here and here.
Free Oracle Architecture Center Resources
  • I opened by mentioning a book. We’re working on a very collaborative book for Oracle Press. If everything goes to plan, then we’ll be able to say more about this in 3-4 months time.

As we come to the end of 2022 looking into next year, and we have some potentially very exciting content to share.